Specification Sheet: SanifikoS30

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Specification Sheet

In order to know all the details, the specifics and the dimensions of the wheelchair washer machine SanifikoS30, please consult the table below.

Download the complete specification sheet here

Dimensions   External Internal
Length 1840 mm  1360 mm
Width 970 mm 825 mm
Height 1780 mm 1200 mm
Weight 350 kg
 Material Machine frame Stainless steel
Grid Hot-dip galvanised steel
Rolling shutter    Aluminium – Electrically operated  
Installation parameters Electrical outlet 380 V - 5 Poles - 16 A
Electrical outlet tension  380V
Water connections (inlet/outlet) Hose with 3/4" connection
Temperature in the room Ice-proof ambient temperature
Inlet water temperature 40÷50 °C
Wash pump V 230/50 HZ - kW 1.5 Single phase
Liquid aspiration peristaltic pump V 230 Flow rate ml. 36/180 - 3 bar kW 0.05
Drying system Axial fans V230/50, IP 55
Operating parameters Max. power absorption (power in kW) 5.5 kW - 11 Amp.
Washing pressure of the nozzles 2.8 bar
Water consumption 35 to 40 lt per washing cycle
Accessories High-pressure engine (manual pre-washing) V. 230/50 HZ kW 1.4 single-phase
Wash lance 10 ÷ 120 Bar (Set at 80 bar)
Cart for washing anti-decubitus Aluminium
Wheelchair loading ramp Aluminium
Cleaning consumables no.1 tank with 5 lt capacity – detergent solution for cleaning
no.1 tank with 5 lt capacity – disinfecting solution for sanitisation (as an alternative to the detergent solution)
no.1 tank with 5 lt capacity – wax rinse solution
Transport handling mode of transport Underbody bearers for lifting by forklift
mode of handling   Manual handling by pushing
No. of castors 4, of which 2 swivel castors with brake system
sanifiko dimensioni foto

Dimensions and pictures

disegno tecnico sanifiko sitoWebThe dimensions of the wheelchair washer SanifikoS30 allow to wash different kinds of aids and to load the wheelchair washers safely and effectively.
sanifiko schemi montaggio

Installation of the wheelchair washer

When deciding where to install the machine SanifikoS30, it is necessary to consider not only the dimensions of the wheelchair washer but also the necessary space for loading/unloading the aids to be washed. The machine has to be installed stably and horizontally in order to avoid noises, premature wear and other kinds of damages. The temperature of the room where SanificoS30 will be installed has to be between 12° and 35° C.

In order for the machine to operate, a tap has to be present in the designated space, with an external ¾" threaded connection and the water inlet temperature has to be between 40° and 50° C.

In order to connect the machine to the water inlet and discharge points, it is necessary to exclusively use Ø 22 cm fabric-finish rubber hoses with quick-release coupling.

SanifikoS30 is equipped with a power and terminal cable to be connected to a 16 Ampere electrical outlet and 23V/50HZ electrical tension, making sure that the connection grid is equipped with a grounding system that is compliant to standards.

sanifiko manuale uso

Operating manual

Download the wheelchair washer SanifikoS30 operating manual here.



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Given the many of people who use wheelchairs, walking aids, or gym accessories on a daily basis, we identified the need to guarantee patients and employees effective sanitisation to limit and prevent the transmission of infections and diseases caused by merely coming into contact with objects like orthopaedic aids.

The machine Sanifiko solves this problem in a safe and efficient way by guaranteeing a procedure of certified quality.

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