Sanitisation of Aids


Why is it necessary to sanitise aids?

Communities like hospitals, geriatric and elderly-care facilities widely use aids like wheelchairs, rolling walkers and crutches, which are made available to guests to obviate permanent or temporary mobility issues.

Making these instruments available to all while preventing poor hygiene and the spreading of bacteria through the very same aids may often be an issue.


Why use SanifikoS30?

SanifikoS30 is a sanitisation machine which has been designed and developed to sanitise through cleaning and disinfecting and it may be used for:

  • Orthopaedic aids like wheelchairs (manual), comfort chairs;
  • Orthopaedic aids for mobility like manual rolling walkers, walking supports, crutches;
  • Anti-decubitus aids like air mattresses.

Other than removing dirt, the sanitisation process actively reduces micro pathogens. The process also aims at inactivating viruses and consequently act against contamination risk from microbial infections.

SanifikoS30’s cleaning process is simple and easy to carry out: the aid is treated with a mixture of hot water and a detergent and disinfecting solution, followed by a drying process, eventually leading to a certified sanitisation.


Current legislation (Leg. Decree 81/08) precisely defines the terms and obligations related to sanitisation activities, stating when it is necessary to perform these operations on aids.


Cleaning or disinfection?

Cleaning activities are those involving the actions and procedures aimed at removing dust, undesired material or dirt from surfaces, objects or the environment. These are very ordinary operations every one of us performs at home when it comes to cleaning the floor or dust the furniture.

Disinfecting operations are different: they consist of all those activities aimed at making aids healthier by destroying or inactivating micro pathogens. This case involves much deeper actions if compared to cleaning processes and these actions often entail the use of disinfecting detergents.


Certified machine

SANIFIKO is a certified machine which cleans and sanitises aids
according to the protocol set out in standards ISO 9001 / ISO 13485



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Quality Made in Italy

For three generations, Gialdi S.r.l has designed, produced, and distributed orthopaedic aids with passion and attention to the needs of people with disabilities.

By listening to our clients and visiting hospitals, clinics, geriatric facilities, and rehabilitation centres on a daily basis, we have found that orthopaedic aids are often not sanitised in an adequate way. Aids are generally cleaned manually in an approximate way.

Given the many of people who use wheelchairs, walking aids, or gym accessories on a daily basis, we identified the need to guarantee patients and employees effective sanitisation to limit and prevent the transmission of infections and diseases caused by merely coming into contact with objects like orthopaedic aids.

The machine Sanifiko solves this problem in a safe and efficient way by guaranteeing a procedure of certified quality.

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