Using wheelchair washer Sanifiko offers numerous advantages


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Less time

Washing and sanitising wheelchairs with Sanifiko is extremely fast: the longest washing cycle, which also includes the sanitisation and drying of aids, takes no longer than 25 minutes. It is possible to program 3 to 7-minute washing cycles. It then takes considerably less time if compared to that necessary for an accurate manual washing.

The mechanical drying allows the wheelchair to be ready to use as soon as it comes out of the machine, there will be no need to wait any longer.

DuAs the wheelchair washer is running, the operator will be able to carry out other activities, as they will not be involved in any cleaning operations.

If dimensions allow for it, it is possible to sanitise multiple aids in the same washing cycle, further reducing the time needed for cleaning and sanitising activities.

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Lower costs

Using Sanifiko allows to control and reduce a series of costs:

  • there will be fewer working hours for the person who manually cleans the aids, as the operator will be able to carry out other activities;
  • limited use of detergents, water and electricity: consumption will be constant and will not be subject to variables;
  • standard procedure guarantees high-quality sanitisation, considerably reducing the need for a rewash;
  • a safer sanitisation process and the reduction of labour-intensive work for the operator lead to fewer illness cases and consequently to further cost savings.
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Higher safety for operators

SanifikoS30 guarantees the highest hygiene and safety for the operator cleaning and sanitising aids such as wheelchairs.

The only alternative to the automatic wheelchair washer is manual washing using disinfectant and a sponge or using a steam cleaner. This procedure, however, brings the operator in direct contact with germs and bacteria lying on the surface and with particles of the detergent applied through spraying. Moreover, a steam cleaner requires constant focus and may result dangerous owing to the great heat the steam emanates.

By using SanifikoS30, operators will sanitise wheelchairs and aids in total safety, without coming into contact with chemical agents, germs and bacteria. Operator’s labour-intensive work is significantly reduced. Workers will then be more protected and there will be fewer illness cases related to this kind of activity.

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Easy to use

Wheelchair washer SanifikoS30 is equipped with an intuitive touch-screen display which makes it easy to select the program desired.

All control features needed for the wheelchair washer to work are displayed on the main screen:

  • choosing the washing program;
  • disinfecting options;
  • drying;
  • selecting manual washing through the high-pressure pump;
  • activating the machine;
  • stopping the washing cycle.

Furthermore, the display provides all information on the stage of the washing cycle and on the time needed to rinse and dry the aid.

When the washing is over, SanifikoS30 provides a report which certifies the end of the sanitisation process.

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Easy to install

Installing the wheelchair washer SanifikoS30 is very easy, as it does not require specific electrical or hydraulic skills: the machine will just have to be connected to an electrical outlet through the cable and the terminal it is equipped with, and to the water inlet and outlet through fabric-finish rubber hoses with quick-release coupling.

In order to install the machine correctly and in a suitable location, the following points have to be considered:

  1. Make sure to install the machine in a suitable location, with the space necessary to load/unload the aids to be washed;
  2. A tap for hot water is needed and its temperature has to range between 40 °C ± 5 °C, with an external ¾ threaded connection. The water hardness must not be too high, otherwise a suitable ant-scale product will have to be poured into the water collection tank on a daily basis.
  3. The location where Sanifiko is installed has to be equipped with a connection to discharge the water used in the washing process.
  4. In order for the wheelchair washer to work, a 380V power supply is needed.
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Easy to transport

Moving Sanifiko is safe and easy. The machine is equipped with a series of devices which make its transport easy.

Sanifiko has 4 castors, of which two are swivel castors, which allow to move the machine quickly and easily; in order to make transport easy and effortless, it is sufficient to push the machine by putting pressure on the points indicated on its frame.

The wheelchair washer also allows for transport by forklift, provided that it is equipped with adequately long forks. The underbody bearers allow to lift the machine in total safety.

sanifiko manuntenzione

Easy and quick maintenance

The ordinary maintenance of the machine Sanifiko does not entail complex activities.

After every washing cycle it is necessary to clean the washing chamber with the high-pressure washer or with another device capable of delivering jets of pressurised water.

At the end of the day, it is necessary to clean the filter of the water and the filter of the washing chamber.

All stainless-steel surfaces of the machine can be cleaned with a common steel cleaner and sealed with steel maintenance products, while the control panel can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

In order to consult the complete table of maintenance activities, it is possible to download the wheelchair washer’s operating and maintenance manual.



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For three generations, Gialdi S.r.l has designed, produced, and distributed orthopaedic aids with passion and attention to the needs of people with disabilities.

By listening to our clients and visiting hospitals, clinics, geriatric facilities, and rehabilitation centres on a daily basis, we have found that orthopaedic aids are often not sanitised in an adequate way. Aids are generally cleaned manually in an approximate way.

Given the many of people who use wheelchairs, walking aids, or gym accessories on a daily basis, we identified the need to guarantee patients and employees effective sanitisation to limit and prevent the transmission of infections and diseases caused by merely coming into contact with objects like orthopaedic aids.

The machine Sanifiko solves this problem in a safe and efficient way by guaranteeing a procedure of certified quality.

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