Sanifiko S30

The solution to clean and sanitise medical aids in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and geriatric facilities.

  • Certified procedure
  • Easy to use
  • Constant quality of the procedure
  • Reduced washing costs

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Discover the Benefits

Easy-to-use wheelchair washer

  • Reduced duration and costs of sanitisation
    3 to 7-minute programmable washing cycles, during which the operator does not need to take care of cleaning operations. The machine guarantees constant quality of the procedure as well as protection against infections and diseases operators might contract by coming into contact with bacteria.
  • Easy to use and maintain
    Thanks to the touch-screen display, it is possible to program washing and drying cycles, automatically check the detergent levels, and monitor the various stages of operation.
  • Easy to transport
    Sanifiko has four castors, of which two braking castors, making it easier for operators to move and position the machine as needed.
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copertina certifacazione


Guaranteed safety

Sanifiko S30 complies with the requirements of the legislation defining the guidelines for the sanitisation and sterilization of class 1 aids and medical devices.


UNI EN ISO 15883 Sanifiko S30 Certification
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Headquarters - Showroom

42046 Reggiolo (Reggio Emilia) - ITALY

Via Cantone, 99


Tel. (+39) 0522 975 118

Fax (+39) 0522 975 437

Modena Aids Centre

41100 Modena - ITALY

Via Emilia Ovest, 438


Tel. (+39) 059 33 29 27

Fax (+39) 059 33 68 136

Quality Made in Italy

For three generations, Gialdi S.r.l has designed, produced, and distributed orthopaedic aids with passion and attention to the needs of people with disabilities.

By listening to our clients and visiting hospitals, clinics, geriatric facilities, and rehabilitation centres on a daily basis, we have found that orthopaedic aids are often not sanitised in an adequate way. Aids are generally cleaned manually in an approximate way.

Given the many of people who use wheelchairs, walking aids, or gym accessories on a daily basis, we identified the need to guarantee patients and employees effective sanitisation to limit and prevent the transmission of infections and diseases caused by merely coming into contact with objects like orthopaedic aids.

The machine Sanifiko solves this problem in a safe and efficient way by guaranteeing a procedure of certified quality.

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